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Mangochi Residents plot to beat MP


The story of the late Ben refuses to die down. Ben was thrown into Lake Malawi by Labani Mhone at Mtola village in Mangochi. He died!

The villagers have been angered with the arrests of their fellow villagers who were hauled before the Second grade magistrate court at Mangochi and were sentenced to four years imprisonment. The villagers are upset with their Member of Parliament, Hon Chambo who played a crucial role in the conviction of the suspects.

” They all refused the charges. But the MP and the Police prosecutor forced them to plead guilty. Some of them have marks of beatings by Kambonje” complained one of the relative of one of the prisoners.

” It was one of the fastest trials. They were brought to court on Thursday and on friday,sentenced, all under the influence of this MP.

The villagers have agreed to beat the MP any day he steps his foot into Mtola village. At the indaba yesterday, the chief had to plead with the citizens as they wanted to beat the Officer in charge at Mtola for his role in protecting Labani Mhone.

Labani Mhone is seen walking freely when he has blood over his hands. He brutally thrown Ben into the lake while the rest of the boys were witnessing yet he cannot be arrested as he is rich and connected!!


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