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Mama Abida Mia urges Polytechnic students to support MCP

Abida Mia at Poly

Mama Abida, wife to the southern region political giant Sidik Mia, yesterday Sunday had time to interact with the youths at University of Malawi’s Polytechnic campus.

It was a very enriching ceremony full of glamour and glitz. Mama Abida, as she us fondly called among the youths, was in Top Gear throughout the elegant atmosphere at Polytechnic.

Her speech was a marvel, the hosts were left mouth agape by her mesmerizing expression of the country’s status quo. So eloquent is she that the youth kept clapping hands and ululating throughout her address.

She urged the youths to be responsible and be sober in their approach to life.

She then advised them to make informed political choices bearing in mind that the future of the country singularly rests in the youth.

A youthful fellow herself, she was accompanied to the function by a team of regional and national executive that included Yongo wa Yongo from Chancellor College.

She literally shook the polytechnic and everything came to a standstill. There were chants and songs of praise for for charismatic Abida as she rushed out the MCP party regalia in the firm of T-shirts, caps, scarves and cloth.

One excited student was overheard shouting that never had she experienced a beautiful and amazing ceremony in her five year sojourn at the campus.

The president of the polytechnic MCP wing assured Mama Abida of their continued unwavering support.

Mama Mia is fast becoming a darling of the youths. Just last week she stormed Blantyre central Business District and Limbe interacting and mixing with vendors,    minibus drivers, touts and passengers.

She is a down to earth person who easily interacts with both the upper class and the lower class in the same vein. She has been a longtime advocate of the vulnerable in society especially the youth, women and the elderly.

one patron at yesterday’s event commented ‘Abida is such a gifted and amazing woman with an angelic appeal. I am voting MCP next year largely due to her humble and honest appeal’.

It is not uncommon to see her committing some of her time with the youths. She is a very hardworking woman who complements what her husband does. The family is a source of pride in southern region and they enjoy massive admiration among the youth and women.


Social and political commentators hail Dr Chakwera for casting the net wider in the run up to 2019 decisive polls. They commend him for practising an open door policy which had seen millions of people joining the party. They say Dr Chakwera has demonstrated impressive qualities of democratic leadership.

Upon joining the Malawi Congress Party, Alhadji Muhammad Sidik Mia has successfully planted the party in the region from Mangochi to Nsanje. No wonder, it comfortably won the October by~elections, a feat never witnessed since the dawn of democracy. Blantyre town is now the new home of MCP. Lower shire is the bedrock of MCP in the region. While there has been substantive infiltration in the Muslim populated districts of Zomba, Machinga, Mangochi and Balaka. And the party, under the regional chairman Mr Simbi is making strategic inroads across all constituencies in the south. It had recently opened four offices in the populous Mulanje district.

But despite all these achievements, Hon Mia remains a model of modesty.



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