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Malawi Youth Minister Francis Kasaira flirting with Angela; marriage on verge of collapse

Kasaira flirting with Angela

CITY CENTRE, LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)— Malawi Youth Minister Francis Kansaira’s marriage is on the verge of collapse due to an extra-marital affair the minister is having with queen of Lilongwe city center queen, Angella Nkhata.

Malawian Watchdog has learnt that it was Francis Kansaira who facilitated that Nkhata joins Ministry of Foreign Affairs from standard bank where she terrorized friend’s affairs.  Furthermore, we have also learnt that Kansaira, then as Foreign affairs Minister, used to send Angella to foreign trips. “We learnt that the two were in a love affair,” said Ministry of Foreign affairs official privy to the affair.

Nkhata; destroying other peoples relationships
It has been learnt that Kansaira’s wife has evidence of the affair between her husband and the money driven lady and this has caused the minister’s marriage to be on the verge of collapse as the Kansaira’s wife is planning to do unspecified action to the husband ‘snatcher’ specialist Angela Nkhata. Malawian Watchdog learnt that before she joined Ministry of Foreign affairs, Angela was working with Standard Bank, where she was also involved in snatching her workmates boyfriends. Meanwhile, the love affair between the two is blossoming as Kansaira’s wife is strategizing to unleash a memorable lesson to the girl who is causing her to lose her peace of mind.        



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