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Malawi top analyst Harry Mangulenje says MCP will win 2019 elections, urges PP to rally behind Chakwera

MCP gurus upbeat to send DPP packing

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—Malawi top political analyst who accurately predicted the downfall of a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) senior official Nicolas Dausi during the 2014 tripartite elections, Harry Mangulenje, has come up in the open to declare that MCP will win the 2019 elections.

Writing on his facebook wall, Mangulenje first censured Dausi before dropping the bomb that DPP will vanish in 2019.

“In 2014, I predicted that Dausi will lose parliamentary elections. He lost. Even now, no matter how much he works hard, he will still lose in 2019,” said Mangulenje of Dausi who many people in the country regard him as a dangerous DPP operative.

He added.

“Today, I am saying 2019 DPP will lose elections. And MCP will be in power. No tactic will save them. I can attest that as of now inside the DPP, the number of secret MCP supporters is growing every single minute. Among the people being hired by the DPP to advance its agendas are the party’s biggest saboteurs,” revealed Mangulenje, an analyst who always have secret state information.

On the pending 2019 MCP victory, Mangulenje has advised the former ruling People Party of former President Joyce Banda to fully support MCP.

“Work with MCP pamavuto ndi pa mtendere. Help MCP get into government even without demanding or expecting too much from them. When MCP gets into power, the political landscape will OPEN UP!” said Mangulenje adding “if the worse reaches the worst, don’t even field Presidential candidate, support MCP Presidency.”

Mangulenje says it is already too late for PP to make any impact at presidential level during the 2019 elections.

“Any party that is not clear of its 2019 front line by today should as well forget convincing voters. It is already too late. Last minute decisions don’t work in politics because it takes long time for voters to grasp the THEMES, ie candidates especially President and running mate.  Let’s not waste time trying to complicate matters. Let’s make it simple for voters. MCP Full stop!” said Mangulenje who is also believed to be a PP sympathizer.

Justifying his stand, Mangulenje said his proposal is due to the campaign period realities.

“This is because when you are in opposition, you are denied public media. Even the main private media is usually bought out to support the ruling elites. This makes campaign tough. And for the people to get to know positives of opposition candidates is a hassle. That is why by now it is already too late even for PP to put a line up and cultivate acceptance from the masses. People will only recognize MCP and DPP. So, the only option now is to support one major group. My choice is MCP.

He strongly advised PP from supporting DPP.

“Please do not work with DPP because supporting DPP is a big suicide! DPP is very poisonous believe me! There is no one you can trust in DPP,” he concluded.



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