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Malawi ruling DPP’s attempt to bribe Judges exposed by Chief Justice

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda

The kitchen is becoming hot and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of President Peter Mutharika risks losing total legitimacy after reports emerged that party functionaries have been making attempts to bribe the five Judges who are handling the constitutional court.

Following the incident, the Chief Justice has since reported the incident to the graft busting body, The Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The Mafioso story goes like this; the DPP (unverified sources say through FDH Bank owner Thom Mpinganjira) put money together and approached one corrupt Judge (unverified sources indicate that the name of the corrupt Judge is Supreme Court Justice Lovemore Chikopa), who took the money and promised to deliver K300 million to each of the five judges, with more cash promised after the judgment.

The Malawi Law Society knew of this, but that thing is moribund now. Our hope now lies in the activism of Women Lawyers Association.

Anyway, the corrupt judge went back to the DPP claiming that the five Constitutional Court justices had rejected the K300 million; they wanted more. So DPP put a team together led by the banker to raise and deliver more cash. When Mr Banker called one of the judges telling him, “achimwene we heard kuti kaja kanachepa ndiye pano tikumane tiwonjezere”, the judge was surprised and peeved. He consulted with the others, and they decided to let the Chief Justice know.

In the meantime, there is panick on the DPP camp with reports indicating that the ACB intends to release a report indicating that the bribery attempt emanated from both camps just to save face. Undule Mwakasungula later this week was tasked with the responsibility by the DPP bribery team to make a pre-emptory strike by levelling the bribery allegations against UTM President Saulos Chilima.

Stay tuned for the latest unfiltered reports on this development.


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