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Malawi ruling DPP’s abuse of women exposed

Malawi women supporting DPP stranded at BICC

The gross human abuse in the name of party loyalty was witnessed today at BICC grounds when more than 1000 women were abandoned by DPP officials.

DPP has become unpopular among Malawians due to poor governance, therefore whenever their President is having a public meeting, party gurus have resoluted to ferry the diehard supporters from as far as Thyolo, the President’s home where he has atleast sympathy, to come and populate the rally to make it look like people are still in love with the party.

Today, the same thing happened. 1000 women were ferried from Thyolo to Lilongwe to attend the graduation ceremony of Luanar students and dance for their clueless leader.
These innocent women were promised food allowance and pocket money to take home. But after the graduation ceremony, all DPP officials including Mchacha, who were involved in ferrying these women disappeared as they did not manage to get money from government coffers to pay them.

Speaking to one woman by the name Aima Mahenge, a staunch DPP supporter, she said she is very frustrated with how they have been mistreated. They came last night and were damped at the BICC ground yet they were promised nice accommodation. She said since they were dropped there, they did not eat nor drink any thing. But they thought promises would be kept come day break. After the ceremony, no any party official came to address them and alteast clarify matters to them. She furiously concluded that she will never again allow to be abused like this.

Even the owners of vehicles that ferried the women, complained that they were not paid unfront. When they wanted payment upon arriving in Lilongwe, no party official was there,they tried to make contacts but to no avail.
Therefore, they left the people as well and went back to their usual businesses. Speaking to one driver on a phone, Sandram Samson from Phalombe, he said that this is not the first time DPP has not paid them after being hired to ferry


  1. Izi ndiye zinayamba ndi Malawi Congress Party. Malawi will never develop with the caliber of our front line politicians. Malawians, let’s wake up and avoid being misused by these clueless politicians.
    These politicians use their muscle and dirty money to abuse the innocent souls.
    Tsiku lake lizafika a ndale nonse will have to pay the price.


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