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Malawi Prophet Shepherd Bushiri caught on camera being ‘massaged’ in Nigeria


NIGERIA—Never short of controversy Malawi born but South African based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been caught in yet another gospel showbiz. After walking on air miracle and commanding angels to appear in his church to telling his followers in Nigeria few days ago that he is into giving them miracle money and not bringing them to Christ, Bushiri was at it again in Nigeria.

By the way, Prophet Bushiri is this week in Nigeria, conducting crusades. Malawian Watchdog has learnt of how folks praise him as a semi god.

After the crusade, Bushiri went into his room and ordered a follower to massage his feet to which the guy massaging had to have a picture of the massaging exercise taken and it was posted on social media.

Bushiri being massaged

Ironically, the guy giving the message seemed to enjoy the exercise when he quoted a scripture, Isaiah 52 v 7 justifying his massage giving exercise to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri saying it is very beautiful to massage the feet of prophets.

Many in Malawi have condemned the message giving exercise as they suspect that the prophet sometimes alternate those to massage him with the tempting young girls in his church.

Apart from pulling awkward miracles, Bushiri is also embroiled in sex scandals where he has been fighting accusations of impregnating a church girl in Malawi’s northern city of Mzuzu. The child born resembles Bushiri in every aspect but he denied responsibility.





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