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Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya’s 2019 prophecy on course: ‘Chilima to dump DPP, Chakwera to win 2019 election’

Prophet Austin Liabunya: Chakwera to win in 2019

LILONGWE—Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya, him who prophesies with accuracy about his dear country Malawi, is right on course with the prophecy he delivered in 2014 regarding Malawi’s elections in 2019.

For starters, Prophet Austin Liabunya came in the limelight when he released a Prophecy in 2012 about the 2014 elections, which its contents came to pass before our own eyes. In that Prophecy, Liabunya said that Mutharika would defy the odds and become President of the republic of Malawi. It happened with amazing accuracy.

Few months after Mutharika won the Presidency in 2014, Liabunya released a new prophecy.

In this new Prophecy, the man of God, revealed that Lazarus Chakwera, Leader of opposition in Parliament and President of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), will be Malawi’s 6th President in 2019, making the incumbent President Professor Peter Mutharika, a one term President.

The prelude of his prophecy that Chakwera will form government in 2019 has already started unfolding right in our own eyes.

In his 2014 Prophecy, Liabunya said Vice President Saulos Chilima “is there for a short period of time but some will pick him up of the Party he is going to join but that party will not win. After it will lose, he will leave it again and join MCP.”

Yesterday, Vice President Saulos Chilima has dumped the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and say he will make his stand known in due course on whether he will be on a presidential ballot in 2019 or he will simply endorse a candidate.

A reliable source has told Malawian Watchdog that Chilima will be announcing the formation of a new political party. Malawian Watchdog has been told that the name of the party will be “UNITED TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT, (UTM).” Its symbol will be a burning candle and its colors will be   red, black and gold and its slogan will be “UTM tsogolo lathu.”

So, Saulos Chilima dumping DPP yesterday means Prophet Austin Liabunya’s prophecy must be taken seriously and when Chilima forms his own party or joins any other party, it means this tribalist party called DPP must start packing as President of all Malawians Lazarus Chakwera will be heading to state house in 2019.

According to Liabunya, Mutharika disobeyed God and went ahead to do things which Liabunya warned that he should not do.  Among other things, Mutharika was told not to introduce satanic practices in Malawi which the prophet saw him introducing in his 2012 prophecy.

During Peter Mutharika’s four year rule, Mutharika has condoned the satanic and gruesome killing of people with Albinism without him doing anything.  Tens and tens of Albino people have died and some injured. Albino people are up to date living in fear and danger as President Mutharika, a commander in chief of MDF as well Malawi Police Service, continue to pay a blind eye to their plight.  This is a clear fulfillment of the satanic prophecy Liabunya prophesied about president Mutharika in 2012.


Another Prophet called Seer Sabao also delivered a prophecy recently to the same effect that Chakwera will form government in 2019.

According to Sabao who made his prophecy available to Malawian Watchdog, shockingly said that Peter Mutharika will not contest in 2019 elections and will instead endorse someone who will not be liked by DPP members themselves as well as Malawians as a whole.

Sabao said this will make other members from DPP to join MCP and according to him, “this will increase chances of MCP to win the presidency in 2019.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the messengers of God have spoken that Malawi will have Lazarus Chakwera as President in 2019. Who are we to against the will of God? We, as Malawian Watchdog, in advance congratulates the incoming 2019 President Dr.  Lazarus Chakwera. We know that no matter what, the will of God will prevail over the mechanization of men just like Peter Mutharika defied the odds to emerge the president in 2014 from opposition side thereby fulfilling what Prophet Liabunya prophesied in 2012.




  1. Musanyengedwe Mulungu si Liabunya kapena Sabao mudzalira ndikunong’oneza bombono. Mulungu sathawika KKKKKKKKKKKKKKk


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