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Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya urges Pres. Chakwera to fire Chikhosi & DPP plants

Malawi Presidet Chakwera with Prophet Austin Liabunya

Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya delivering a Prophecy last week urged President Lazarus Chakwera to fire erstwhile ruling Democratic Progressive Party appointees in government claiming they are sabotaging his government and will be used as tools for the DPP comeback if tamed. The Prophet also urged Chakwera to fire Secretary to President and Cabinet, Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi.

Below is the transcript of the Prophecy made available to Malawian Watchdog from the Prophet’s secretariat.


Malawi 🇲🇼 National Prophecy In Writing ✍️

Summary. Friday 19 February 2021

Lilongwe – Malawi

Senior Prophet Austin Liabunya

Greetings Saints and thank you for joining me.

First of all I would like to make it very clear that I, Prophet Austin Liabunya, am a Prophet of God and a very proud Malawian no matter where I may be, therefore do not speak or prophesy to favour any political party or belong to any party but that from HEAVEN  which I represent.

It is therefore an offence to familiarise me with any political party as I speak the mind of God concerning my Nation to which I was called to lead it in prophecy and have been doing so since 2009 and have given major accurate prophecies whose fulfilment have affected the politics of Malawi 🇲🇼 and led to major changes which I consider one of my achievements in my prophetic ministry, which some of you who have been following me for some time can testify.

When I, received this calling to be the first prophet to deeply and accurately prophesy mainly about politics many years before they happen, also knew the consequences that would come in the process, therefore do not wonder when people criticize the nature of my prophecies and call me names which, of course, is my daily food I enjoy because I don’t expect the people from DPP or other parties to clap hands for me if the prophecy do not favour them. So, I’m not surprised. If the prophecy favoured them they would also clap hands for me but for now, no. Jesus was here hated by many at the same time loved by many. When they felt he did something or say something that favoured a certain group that group loved him and when he did the opposite they hated him, that’s it.

At the end of the day as a Prophet I can’t impress everyone. While I make others happy I will also hurt others in the process which I don’t care as long as I make my God happy.

Therefore being on the forefront in Malawi 🇲🇼 National prophecies people expect change especially when they know this President was exceptionally prophesied into power with so many promises given to Malawians only to find out that things are not turning out well. It pains me as a Prophet because I want to see my country develop into what many have dreamed of for a long time. They want to see words into action. I’m not happy to see what we call the ‘CAPITAL CITY’ in ruins. Poor infrastructure and road networks yet this is what we call the capital? Look at the main roads the way they look. Look at the buildings of MBC Studios, look at the old cameras they’re still using, look at the quality of their LIVE broadcasts, look at unemployed qualified people, unpaid civil servants, poor salaries, old shops in the midst of the city with old iron sheets, poor bridges, poor school infrastructures, poor farming strategies, unpaid farmers some no where to sell what they have cropped and poor selling prices.

Corruption in government. Many people supply to government but unpaid, look at stagnant govt court cases. And you call this development? Yet when you win elections you think, ‘Eeh tisiyeni nafe ndi Nthawi yathu tibeko tinjoye anzathutu anakolola zawo mu nthawi yawotu!” You think this is your turn to steal and you don’t want me to reveal your names? No no no not me, not the God I serve. You won’t see it coming!

So when I consulted my God to find out why things are still stagnant in malawi despite the new government and their effort to develop the Nation, God said if the Government will do the following, then, IT IS DONE!:

  1. All the DPP puppets that are still holding sensitive positions must be removed with immediate effect. These people have been strategically planted by their party to do things that will compromise the CHAKWERA-CHILIMA government so that many promises won’t be implemented. It’s their COMEBACK STRATEGY while the President thinks everything is moving as planned not know out there things are not okay at all by the time he realises things were not okay out there is too late and there is a cost.
  2. Old bosses serving in sensitive positions must be removed eg, the old people who were put in positions by DPP must be replaced. These are used to chase donors away by closing many donation doors
  3. Put new people in the Embassies, Hillary Clinton’s position must be changed, Communications department, Protocol, IT department, Media, all these must be replaced by new ones.
  4. The government must be ALL-NEW in all departments.
  5. No FAVOURS, no putting each other in positions, this is not a family dynasty.
  6. The qualified must be put in positions those that fought with the President and supported him all the way during his battles and campaigns must be considered.
  7. The President must stop allowing people make decisions in his name he must stand up be tough and take action. All in his cabinet who misbehaves in any way fire  them; remove them don’t be afraid otherwise these ministers who are not doing their duties will damage his good image. Don’t give them second chances, no. Take them out. Lead malawi with IRON HAND and don’t BABYSIT her.
  8. The President must stop delegating too much and believe in every report they bring but must personally look into every report and most of them are manipulated eg how the COVID-19 donation was used and how they manipulated the reports. The President must investigate starting with those closest to him (one person is close to him and is stealing too much). As I pray you’ll see many of them exposed and caught!
  9. The President must stop listening to hearsay where his workers put in bad word before him to damage each other so they can get favours.
  10. The President must put behind bars all the people with corruption cases belonging to the former governments without the fear of damaging his relationships with the former leader and the promises they made to each other. He must act tough! Don’t be afraid of how people will judge him as long as he is taking the Nation in the promised direction.
  11. The government must stop reporting about COVID-19 NUMBERS which infringe fear and drive citizens into panic thereby making many catch it. Do this without the fear of what the international community will say about you. That which we fear catches us (Job 3:25) This will be the end of COVID-19 in Malawi 🇲🇼. Did you see how Tanzania 🇹🇿 is handling COVID-19? That’s following God’s WILL, e.g.
  12. Finally and mostly, the President must go back, down on his knees and re-visit his COVENANT with God when HE called him from pastoring the CHURCH to pastoring the WHOLE NATION and try to find out where he is missing. Something from that COMMISSION must be repaired.

When these above are met the WEIGHT and BURDEN will be lifted up off Malawi and HEAVEN will smile on the Nation and her leaders as HE had promised through HIS servants, the PROPHETS. Or risk things getting worse for the worst.

We hope for the best as we all PRAY FOR OUR BELOVED WARM HEART OF AFRICA, MALAWI 🇲🇼.


This is a call for PRAYER for our President for WISDOM & DIRECTION.


“Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” 2 Chronicles 1:10 NIV


That was the heartfelt prayer of King Solomon when God chose him king over God’s people.


God bless you! God bless Malawi!



Senior Prophet Austin Liabunya

Believers’ Gospel Embassy Int’l

Johannesburg, RSA.

WhatsApp/Telegram Helpline: +27 73 949 3333.

NB  Our apologies should there be any hand or spelling errors or missed words . But God will help us get the idea of what HE is saying here.



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