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‘Malawi President Peter Mutharika hates us people from the Northern region,’ Goodall Gondwe told

President Mutharika hates us people from the northern region, Gondwe told

NKHATABAY (Malawian Watchdog)—There was drama in Malawi’s lake-shore district of Nkhatabay yesterday when Finance Minister Goodal Gondwe was told in the face that President Mutharika hates people from the northern region.  Gondwe was told the raw truth during Martyrs day commemoration in yesterday in Nkhatabay.

People noted that Peter Mutharika always delegates him (Gondwe) to attend Martyrs day, a clear indication, according to them, that the President hates people from the region.

“President Mutharika attends Chilembwe day because the function concerns his person in the southern region but when it comes to Marty’s day mainly involving us in the Northen region, he simply delegates Finance Minister.

“This shows his hatred for the people from the northern region. Worse still, our function receives no support from government. We source money ourselves yet this was supposed to be a government sponsored function. The people we commemorate today died so Malawi can be free and it doesn’t make sense that this function receives no support from government,” said a senior organizing official at the function.

Putting it respectfully, the chair of the organizing committee of the function during his speech told Gondwe and the gathering at the function that they are not pleased to note that the President is fond of delegating him to attend the function and refuses to attend it in person saying it has been 4 years now since he assumed office and he has never attended this function.

“It’s disgusting that the President does not feel fit to attend this function and always delegates you to represent him

“We feel betrayed “said the Chair who told Gondwe in camera that they know that the president hates people from the region and that he will pay for it soon.

The audience praised leader of opposition in Parliament and President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr Lazarus Chakwera who attends and supports the function.

“We believe this function will re-gain its state status when we usher him into power,” one senior organizing official said.





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