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Malawi popular musician Joseph Nkasa to start singing MCP praise songs; dumps DPP

Nkasa turns MCP

Joseph Nkasa has dumped the ruling DPP and instead will be composing campaign songs that will expose DPP evils and support the opposition MCP. The songs will mainly tackle most of the DPP false promises and its unpopularity across Malawi.

According to our impeccable source who escorted Nkasa,the song maker has signed a K30 million deal with Sidik Mia. In his accepting remarks to the deal, Nkasa said DPP is unthankful and inhuman,it doesn’t appreciate ones effort. Singing is an art and our business, when we compose a song we expect something in return which is not the case with DPP.

Just imagine when DPP was in opposition the likes of Saul Chembezi sacrificed his career to support DPP and its leader Peter Mutharika but today he has been dumped and forsaken no any recognition or a thank you despite the recommendable job he did.

The party is now busy supporting the Black Missionaries and the likes of Joseph Tembo who dumped DPP that time and sided with PP

Nkasa further said that despite “Yoswa”hit which is enjoying airplay  on MBC,during their rallies and other songs that have done for the ruling DPP haven’t been paid any tambala yet, and how do you survive in that way?

“Joyce Banda was a good leader he compensated our talent,how I wish she could come back and take Malawi over again,osati izi,and DPP is losing come 2019 elections, trust me because all the people that supported and stood for APM have been forsaken,now they are bitter.” Nkasa queried.

The unclear pictures below are of Nkasa captured on Tuesday evening at Mia’s house soon after signing the deal






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