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Malawi leader Peter Mutharika thunderously welcomed in Blantyre

APM being welcomed by party supporters

Busy week ahead for the President.

It was a very colorful and jovial occasion when President Peter Mutharika was welcomed to Blantyre by thousands of DPP supporters and other patriotic Malawians. This was the first opportunity that Southern region citizens had to interact with the global leader and statesman after his arrival from Russia-Africa economic summit in Sochi, Russia. This explains why the Commercial City came to a standstill as masses gathered to welcome their leader.

President Mutharika repeated his call for unity among Malawians, bridging all differences whether tribal, political or religious. “We have one Malawi, let us join hands and build the country. We are way past the elections and all we now have is the country to develop,” he declared.

Mutharika also had a special call to the ruling DPP that in order to realize the party’s vision of developing the country and growing politically, the party members must open doors to other citizens to join the blue camp. He assured them that the DPP is ready to win again elections in 2024, 2029 and all the way to 2084.

The President winded up his address by calling on DPP leaders and members to exercise patience, caution and love for one another and avoid being engaged in internal struggles for leadership but rather wait and prepare for 2023 where delegates will decide on the 2024 torchbearer and fill other positions.

President Mutharika is expected to preside over the graduation of the first cohort of students at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Thyolo on Tuesday. He will also preside over another graduation in Zomba on Friday and finally will lead Malawians in remembering the Malawian soldiers that fought in World War 1 and 2 on Sunday.


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