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Malawi first lady Getrude Mutharika embarrassed by Catholic Bishops over ‘dirty’ donation

Getrude Mutharika: Embarrasesd

MULANJE (Malawian Watchdog)—The influential Malawi catholic Bishops have embarrassed First Lady Getrude Mutharika, wife to President Mutharika, over donation the first lady wanted to make to a catholic owned Providence Secondary School in Mulanje.

A hostel got at this school got burnt last month and in a gesture of good will, the first lady organized building materials and hard cash to donate for the rebuilding exercise.

It was at this point that the Catholic Bishops through Bishop Thomas Msusa refused to receive the donation arguing that Beutify Malawi (BEAM) does not get clean money for its operations.

In refusing the donation, Msusa told the first lady that the church has already found donors to rebuild the hostel and that they don’t need her help despite Mutharika insisting that she has already found contactors who would be on site in few days to start the job.

Pressed as to find why Msusa refused the donation, one official said the catholic do not receive ‘dirty’ donations.

“BEAM sources its money through corruption, intimidation and bullying state departments and even business people in exchange of contracts and the Catholics know that and cant  receive such dirty donation as that would mean glorifying bad conduct. This is why the Bishop turned the donation down, “said a senior catholic official at the institution opting for anonymity.

The Malawi first lady was accompanied by Bright Msaka, Minister Nakhumwa, Brown Mpinganjira and DPP Secretary General amongst others. The DPP team were embarrassed like never before.



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