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Malawi born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri having tough time in South Africa as fake Prophets must fall campaign rages on

Bushiri must fall?

SOUTH AFRICA (Malawian Watchdog)—Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who many in South Africa are believing that he is a false prophet is having tough time to manage his reputation.

South Africans have organized a march against false prophets and they have included Bushiri as one of the false prophets.  Bushir rushed to courts and obtained an injunction to prevent demonstrators from including his name in their placards.

Wriiting on twitter, one Bushiri critic exposed Bushiri’s hypocrisy.

Barnabas Lekganyane

@psbushiri There’s an imminent protest against you on Wednesday. You hired a lawyer to interdict the process through a court? Why dont you send angel Gabriel to rescue you? Practice what you preach and let your fake angels fight your battles #BushiriMustFall” wrote Barnabas Lekganyane.



  1. Well- He IS a false prophet, he’s a witch, a magician and a Charlatan! What type of judge would force people to stop talking about him or writing about him on Facebook? Sounds like false prophet Bushiri may have lined her pockets with bribe money! He is a common manipulator who would even go as far a human sacrifice to gain wealth and fame! God commands us to expose false prophets! This judge is fighting against God! Can you imagine? A false prophet going to court because of his own ego!? He’s pathetic!

  2. There is no way that you can compare a mere human being, even if being used by God with Jesus. I am very much happy that all those fighting the prophet has failed and will continue to fail. God of prophet Bushiri will make sure that you will continue to fail, until you acknowledge that he is indeed a prophet anointed by God himself.

    Why can’t he go to court? You wanted him to proof the truth how? Shame on you(million times)


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