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Maize gate tainted Mutharika homeboy, Foster Mulumbe, redeployed to NRB to rig 2019 Malawi elections

Foster Mulumbe heading to NRB

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)— Foster Mulumbe, from the Lomwe belt where President Mutharika hails from,  is, due to his blind loyalty, always put in strategic positions to execute the interests of his kinsmen President Peter Mutharika and the entire Lomwe belt elites. He was ADMARC Chief Executive Officer where he was instructed to launch a DPP campaign fundraising project by taking advantage of the hunger situation in Malawi a year ago. Peter Mutharika made sure that George Chaponda works closely with Mulumbe to ensure that the Zambia Kaloswe maize deal benefits his party more than the poor Malawians.

When it backfired, Mulumbe, who has not been cleared by ACB, appears to have narrowly escaped the brazing fire which scorched his partner in crime, George Chaponda who until today is answering the charges levelled against him by the graft busting body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

As in taking Malawians for granted, the morally and ethically bankrupt Mulumbe has been redeployed to head the National Registration Bureau, NRB.  President Mutharika has facilitated the redeployment yet for a pending sinister motive, Malawian Watchdog has learnt.

According to our inside source, Mulumbe will be replacing Trepho Kangombe who has been forced to retire.

To pave way for the corrupt prone Mulumbe, directors at NRB are being transferred with NRB Director Sophie Kangoma being transferred to rot at Economic Planning Department.

“All key personnel are being transferred in order to pave way for Mulumbe who has already received his letter of appointment,” disclosed our source.

The inside source tipped Malawian Watchdog that the move is to kick-start the 2019 rigging scheme as DPP is conniving with MEC to use the information collected by NRB during the recently concluded National Registration Exercise.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the other briefcase parties are advised to put a close eye on such dangerous persons as Foster Mulumbe.




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