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Information Minister Botomani impressed with massive DPP support at Chanco

Information Minister Botomani impressed with massive DPP support at Chanco

Youthful Information, civic education and Communications Technology Minister in the Peter Mutharika administration who is also National Director of Research in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Mark Botomani, said is impressed with the massive support the party is enjoying at Chancellor College.

Late afternoon on Sunday, Botomani, who is a Member of Parliament for Zomba Chisi Constituency, accompanied by Member of Parliament for Zomba Central constituency, Bester Awali, honoured an invitation by Chancellor College DPP Students Wing leadership, to be the guest of honour during a function the wing organized to welcome DPP affiliated first year students at the college.

The minister, as he would admit later, appeared in disbelief seeing the spacious Gym room at Chancellor College Complex completely filled to the brim with ecstatic students chanting songs in praise of Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

In his address, the Minister urged the students to remain loyal to the DPP and to desist from being manipulated by forces bent on destabilizing the nation.

“I thought it would be a small meeting but this function has surpassed my imagination. The attendance is self-evident and I can now confirm that the wing here at Chancellor College is the strongest and most vibrant in the country,” said Botomani.

He added:
“I promise that we will give you full support.”

Botoman, who was now visibly excited and enjoying every moment of the meeting pledged to donate money amounting to MK200, 000 to cater for the operations of the wing.

“You are intellectuals and from an intellectual point of view, we expect input from you on how to strengthen the party,” he said while emphasizing his earlier point on the need for the Chirunga intelligentsias, as Chancellor College students are fondly called, to continue giving their unwavering support to the party and President Mutharika.

The information minster described Mutharika as a President who has the welfare of the youth at heart citing the pro-youth policies and programs his government is implementing in the country as evidence of how youth friendly the President is.

Speaking earlier, the Zomba Central legislator, Awali, pledged to throw a party to the wing saying further that he will use the occasion to also dress them in party regalia.

The Chancellor College wing President Hopeson Nazombe thanked the students for turning up in their large numbers saying their large attendance alone, as the Minster also remarked, has sent an indisputable message on how a force to reckon with Chancellor College DPP students wing is.


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