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‘I am not intimidated’ says Gerald Kazembe of DPP-MRA witch-hunt  

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Malawi Congress Party National Executive Committee member who contested in the 21st May 2019 chaotically managed election in Mangochi Monkey-Bay constituency says will not be intimidated by the witchcraft orchestrated by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which he accuses of using state organs such as the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) to politically silence him.

Kazembe made the comment in the wake of media reports that the tax collector has slapped him with 80 million kwacha tax to pay. Kazembe runs a beverage wholesale and distributor company.  According to MRA, they claim that Kazembe has neither been paying nor submitting VAT and its returns respectively.

“Such being the case, we calculated VAT on sales from July 2018 up to January 2019 before the acquisition of the distributorship business from Castel (Mw Ltd),” says the letter to Kazembe in part.

According to the letter, the calculated VAT to be paid to MRA is K80 810 450.56. However, in various social media platforms, some people accused Ralph Jooma of using his ministerial position to push MRA act on Kazembe to make him go bankrupt and withdraw the parliamentary petition being heard in the High Court.

Jooma contested against Kazembe and was declared winner with few votes. Kazembe took the matter to court.

In an interview, Kazembe was defiant challenging MRA to prove their case. He also accused the DPP of using state machinery to victimize their perceived opponents.

“I won’t be intimidated. We will fix our tax regime to be fair and business friendly as opposed to the current one which is tyrannical and restrive to economic growth.

“This is utter nonsense. Its political witch-hunt,” said Kazembe before challenging MRA saying “if they can prove it, I will construct two brand new primary schools in Monkey-Bay.”




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