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How the Malawi Judge Bribery scheme rolled out

Thom Mpinganjira behind the Judge bribery claim


I have it on authority of the intel that for the bribery scandal to find its way to the public, it was because the middle man, proxy who was getting in touch with the alleged senior judge tasked to bribe the five judges, skipped the chain.

The Intel has it that the said senior judge previously received a certain bundle of millions (in cash) and promised to deliver to the five judges. He then went back to the proxy middle man (connected to the DPP) to tell them that the judges have indicated that there was need for another money similar to the amount that was delivered.

The said middle man then went back to his masters who sent him to a certain bank owner to get the requested amount. When this amount was gotten, the middleman, instead of going to the middleman judge, went straight to ONE OF THE FIVE JUDGES telling them that he had brought the balance.

The said Concourt judge got surprised as to what balance was being talked about. The proxy narrated to this judge that there was first bunch of money that was given to a certain judge (he mentioned the name and he happens to be of the Supreme Court) and that the said judge indicated that the Concourt five judges had demanded extra amounts.

The Intel further informs that THE JUDGE wasted no time with the errand proxy but told him off immediately. At that point, THE JUDGE (after telling the proxy off) inquired with the fellow judges who together agreed to inform the Chief Justice about the development. The CJ, having been informed, reported the matter to ACB. The ACB official/authority who who received the complaint, speaking to a fellow senior official who was in China at that moment, indicated that he does not know what to do because he is fearing for his life and that of his family.

That is how the matter found itself to the public. Thanks to the CJ and thanks to the righteous judge. Above all, thanks to God.

Now, can we safely conclude that the Supreme Court Judge did not really meet and bribe SOME of the five judges as to influence their decision? Is it not a possibility that the judge who was approached by the amateur middle man who skipped protocol was sidelined in the deal perhaps upon knowing his incorruptibleness?

There are so many possibilities that can only be resolved through fearless and meticulous investigations by competent and fearless authorities. And these investigations are so important that they should take place before the Concourt is allowed to pass its ruling. Where it is found that some of the judges were successfully bribed, their decision should be rendered void and not allowed to form the ruling if it is in favor of those who bribed them.

We are fixing this country and we need serious steps.


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