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Historical as Chanco students vote man with Albinism Phunyanya as first ever Union President

Godfrey Phunyanya; Chanco Students Union President

The current crop of students at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi made history on Thursday when they ushered into the presidency of the union, a student with Albinism, Godfrey Phunyanya. This makes it the first time since the university was opened in 1964 for a student with Albinism to rise to the highest office in the student union of the college.


Phunyanya, an energetic with imposing physique, charismatic and of fearless character impressed the Chilunga intelligentsia, as Chancellor College students are fondly called, when he announced two weeks ago that he would be vying for the high office in the students’ union body.


“The moment he expressed interest, we knew he would make it because we trusted him with a big leadership position in one of the party political wings on campus and he was the darling of the people, his track record was impressive,” said one of his staunch supporters.


“Now the feeling is that of victory and satisfaction that the Chilunga intelligentsia have given him the mandate to led them for the next academic year” he said.


In an interview after the release of the results Thursday night, Phunyanya surrounded by his jubilating supporters was quick to thank the student community for the trust they have reposed in him.


“I am humbled for the trust reposed in me”, he said adding “I will be their servant and I will deliver on the promises I made during the just ended energy draining campaign.”


Phunyanya got 632 votes beating Kirby Kasinja who got 457, Amazing Grace Tepeka who got 323 votes, Yohane Tembo who got 308 and Alex Banda who got 224.


“It was tight but the voice of progress has triumphed. History has been made” said one of Phunyanya’s campaign strategists.


In another notable position, the student community have trusted John Theba as their Entertainment Director (ED). The newly elected ED impressed the student’s community on Friday last week when he managed to bring on campus a horde of urban artists including Dan Lu, Nepman, Steve Spesho, Jay Jay C all at once to prove that the students will no longer be starved of entertainment.


The full list of the newly elected members of Student Union of Chancellor College (SUCC) is as follows:





Mr. Godfrey Phunyanya

Vice President

Miss. Annie Fundi


Mr. Blessings M’mamera

Deputy Speaker

Miss. Atupele Msonda

Secretary General

Mr. Geoffrey Maulidi

Deputy Secretary General

Miss. Thandeka Lizi


Mr. Stanford Lipoka

Deputy Treasurer

Mr. Kamwela Davious

Special Needs Director

Mr. Peter Jere

Sports Director

Wilfred Kanthiti

Publications Director

Miss. Peggy Bilima

Academic Affairs Director

Mr. Pempho Kampini

Women Affairs Director

Miss. Maureen Kachala

Entertainment Director

Mr. John Theba

Catering Director

Miss. Nancy Kweteza

Deputy Entertainment Director

Mr. Yamikani Ngwangwa

Deputy Catering Director

Miss. Dymphina Gondwe

Deputy Sports Director

Mr. Scofield Tembo

Deputy Publications Director

Mr. Clovix Lwanja

Committee Members

Miss. Trintus Jereni

Mr. Omar Robert

Mr. Dalitso Damiano

Mr. Isaiah Clement


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