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‘Glass half full and not half empty,’ says Mia about Mangochi by-election results; condemns Mulanje violence

Mia: Glass half full and not half empty

BLANTYRE—Seasoned Politician and Business Magnate Sidik Mia has reacted to the by-election results which has seen his opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidates coming second in both wards.

The by-election took place in Mangochi Malindi ward as well as in Mulanje Milonde ward.

Writing on his facebook page this morning, Mia says the party is viewing the results in a case of a glass being half full and not half empty.

Mia’s rection concentrated on the Mangochi-Malindi ward results arguing this was the area the party had the opportunity to freely campaign as opposed to Mulanje-Milonde Ward where the party was literally denied the opportunity to conduct rallies. The UDF candidate in this ward won with 2735 votes while MCP came second with 1060 votes.

Writing on his official facebook page, Mia said that they are optimistic with the result they got in Mangochi.

“We are optimistic with this result and in fact we are looking at this result in a case of a glass being half full and not half empty.

“To us, this result shows that the reformed MCP, under Dr Lazarus Chakwera, is conquering new frontiers. We are encouraged with this result and we promise that we will continue to work hard in making our case to the people on why Malawians should entrust MCP and Dr Chakwera with power in 2019.”

Nevetheless, Mia took a swipe at the electoral body, the Malawi Electoral commission (MEC) for tolerating ‘political hooliganism’ in Mulanje Milonde ward which turned into Libya’s Benghazi during the by-election.

“Nevertheless, we wish to register serious disappointment in the way MEC handled the Mulanje-Milonde by-election. Complaints were made to them about violent incidences as ALLEGEDLY perpetrated by the supporters of DPP. Our supporters were beaten. Our supporters were hacked. Our supporters were intimidated. Our party was literally denied the opportunity to campaign in the Ward. This was in the public domain. Radios, Newspapers and TV’s reported about these violent incidences.

“In all this, MEC chose to pay a blind eye to the complaints lodged to them such that the campaign period ended without our party conducting any meaningful campaign. Just imagine! Sad!” lamented Mia.

He added:

“If this will be MEC’s conduct in 2019—that parties make genuine complaints and they do nothing—then, the 2019 elections risk turning into a chaotic election.

“With due respect, MEC, which is legally mandated to be independent and impartial in applying the electoral laws, failed Malawians in as far as handling the Mulanje-Milonde Ward by-election was concerned. MEC has set a bad precedent in tolerating political hooliganism and in future, never say no one warned you on the need not to bury your heads in the sand when confronted with such challenges. Next time rise to the occasion and do the needful. It is about the credibility of an election. It is even about the safety of our citizens,” said Mia before congratulating the Mangochi-Malindi ward councilor elect for his ‘credible victory.”



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