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Gerald Kazembe vs Ralph Juma Mangochi Monkey-Bay poll case back to court early March 

 Gerald Kazembe interacting with the elderly of his Mangochi Monkey-Bay Constituency

The election case involving the self-proclaimed Lion of the Poor Gerald Kazembe who stood under the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ticket and Ralph Jooma who stood under the embattled Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Mangochi Monkey-Bay constituency is set to resume on 4th March, 2020

The case has suffered delay courtesy of the court complications. The petition by Gerald Kazembe was filed at Zomba High Court Registry and it was assigned to Justice Professor Redson Kapindu. Later, the Professor Judge was assigned to be one of the Judges in the five panel constitutional court judges which recently nullified the presidential election. Then, the case was transferred to Blantyre High Court registry and it was assigned to Justice Mclean  Kamwambe who in the process of hearing retired from the judicial service. Now, the case has been assigned to Justice N’riva who has set 4th March as the day the court will resume hearing.

The court, in the initial hearing, ordered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to produce original copies of some documents it used in some centers in the constituency.

“We are arguing that the parliamentary election in my constituency was marred with gross irregularities and that it was a sham of an election. We believe that the courts will agree with our argument and that it will grant us our pleadings, to nullify the election and order a fresh election” said Kazembe who got 9, 052 against Ralph Jooma’s 9, 341.


Kazembe blasted his political opponent Jooma for misplaced priorities in the constituency. He said Jooma, within two weeks, constructed road to Chikoko-Bay to please his master Peter Mutharika instead of constructing the most important tourism hub road to cape Maclear in 10 years he has been Member of Parliament in the constituency.

Kazembe is confident of landslide victory if courts nullify the election and order fresh election.

The constitutional court in Lilongwe nullified the Presidential 21 May, 2019 election which saw President Peter Mutharika being elected as President of the republic of Malawi. The court cited “wide-spread, systematic and grave irregularities” and anomalies such that the integrity of the election was seriously compromised.












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