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Football Association of Malawi President Walter Nyamilandu in cash gate scandal: arrest looming

Nyamilandu; a self confessed DPP cadet

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu will find himself in the cooler as overwhelming evidence has been gathered against him of embezzling money at the association.

According to information gathered by authorities, it has been revealed that FAM presented to auditors fake a form claiming that they took 10 percent during Bus Ipite Luso Bonaza in a game between Beforward Wanderes and Nyasa BIG Bullets, when a form at at the stadium operators, thus at Bingu National Stadium (BNS), show that FAM took 20 percent.

For instance one of the forms presented to auditors indicate that FAM took about K1,033,282 while the original one from BNS indicates that FAM took K2,066,564 which is 20 percent of K10,332,821,00 collected during the first leg of bus Ipite (Luso Bobanza) between Beforward Wanderers v Nyasa Big Bullets played on 26:12:2016.

In other transaction, it shows that FAM used K3, 848, 459. 00 but no one offered an explanation on how this money was used.

It has also been unearthed that most of the revenue collected during the month of June 2017 for Airtel Top 8 Cup and TNM Super League were never banked.


This includes the game between Kamuzu Barracks and Silver Stadium which was played on 28:05.17 and grossed  K1,104,481,40 as total revenue, while K595,340,00 was used at source and the balance of K509,141,40 was claimed to have been banked when it was not banked.

The Bullets v Silver at Mulanje on 27:05:17 revenues totaled K1,302,113.00 was collected. K364, 500. 00 was used at source and K937,613,00 was reported to have been banked but the audit report found that it was not banked.

Tigers v Wanderers at Kalulu on 20:05:17, a total of K611,187,40 was realized in total revenue of which K174,230,00 was used at source while K436,957,36 went into thin air while falsely reported that it was banked.

The same applies to Silver v Bullets at Bingu on 13:05:17 which grossed K2,034,339,85 of which K574,741,00 was used at source and K1,459,597,86 was shared and falsely reported that it was banked.


Red Lions v BT United was collected K46,665,00, used at source K5,865,00 disappeared K40,800,00 and reported it was banked

Wizards v Chitipa K97,773,30 collected, K11,973,00 used at source and K85,800,00 falsely reported banked

Mafco v Beforward, K546,030,00 collected, K66,030,00 used at source and K480,000,00 reported banked while not.

Masters v Bullets, K499,442,00 collected, K29,442,00 used at source, K470,000,00 disappeared despite reported to have been banked.

Bullets v Mzuni K240,121,00 collected, K3,121,00 used at source and K237,000,00 shared but reported to have been banked.

The evidence is overwhelming to arrest Nyamilandu and his stooges he has been sharing the loot with.



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