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Fireworks! Its super & ‘derby’ weekend for MCP primary elections

Mkaka; likely to win

Mouthwatering primary elections have been lined up today for the opposition Malawi Congress Party.  The stakes are high in these elections and once mishandled, they may explode into total chaos. The tempers are high!

MCP Secretary General (SG) Eisenhower Mkaka will face Honorable Makala Ngozo. Mkaka being SG is going in this election with an advantage and Honorable Makala Ngozo being a veteran politician knows the electorates but given the ongoing wave of dealing with old politicians, Hon Makala Ngozo is expected to face what his fellow old timer Joseph Njovuyalema faced recently.

It appears MCP intends to offload the old timers and today, Makala Ngozo may be given the exit door by any means possible.

Another fixture is that Hon Rhino Chiphiko of Area 24 and Nancy Tembo. Nancy Tembo was MP before and some are accusing Chiphiko of underperformance in the constituency.  This will be tight as Chiphikon has left no stone unturned to reclaim the seat. Chiphiko, because of his financial muscle, may win this one.

On Hon Jiya vs Hon Odala Alekeni Menyani for Lilongwe central constituency, Menyani may lose as Jiya is well known in the area, him having being MP at some point.

Then it will be Hon. Ulemu Msungama vs Kumbweza. This is tricky. Msungama is expected to win this one but some reports have been making rounds that this Kumbweza guy is a very rich guy and has ‘feed’ the delegates with his cash. Anything may happen on this one but Msungama is going with an upper hand.

Then it will be Hon Zulu vs Kulayisi. This one Hon Zulu is likely to grab it. Last time Malawian Watchdog visited the area, the guy was the talk of the constituency and we will not be surprised if he wins this one. He deserves to win.

From Malawian Watchdog, we say, let the best candidate win.



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