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Fantastic Mulanje Bale MP Victor Musowa!

Fantastic Musowa

Truth be told, Mulanje Bale Member of Parliament, Victor Musowa, has proved to all and sundry that he is the kind of MP Malawians must strive to elect if we are to enjoy quality representation in Parliament.

Loved by both sides, ruling plus opposition and also Malawians listening and/or watching proceedings, Musowa, it appears, properly went to school such that he can easily express himself in the Queen’s language, a quality missing in most MPs in the august house who think twice to make a contribution in Parliament due to poor command of the English language.

Musowa is confident and it appears he has a passion for debates hence he is currently on top of his game in as far as dissecting issues on the floor in Parliament is concerned.

All we can do is congratulate him for giving his best to the Malawian people. We won’t speak highly of him when he is dead, we do it now while he is a live and by extension, we ask other Mps to up their game for this Musowa guy just like SKC during the last campaign, has raised the bar high in as far as oratory and meaningful quality representation in Parliament is concerned.

We need more spirited and passionate debaters in Parliament like Musowa. Once again, congratulations and keep it up!


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