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Family picture of Malawi man of DNA fame sparks debate; some say children are his

Malawians discuss Ngwira's family picture

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—The talk of the Malawi nation at this time is that of the man, Mr Ngwira, who through DNA test, learnt that he is not the biological father of his children.

However, a picture of Mr Ngwira and the family, grown up son, daughter and a small kid together with his wife, has caused controversy among Malawians, some who have strongly advised him to ignore the DNA results and/or conduct another DNA test as they are convinced that the children are really his, despite the DNA results proving the contrary.

“Mr Ngwira must do another very independent DNA otherwise there is foul play starting from point one to where the results were determined. Look at the son and here comes science to tell you this is not your son what nonsense is this? Watch out Mr Ngwira and trust in God alone and not science. All the children are his but someone somewhere is doing something with a hidden agenda and the wife is cute,” commented Gerald Kampanika, a defender of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on the social media.

“Mr. Ngwira must take this matter to God not human scientific knowledge. Those kids resemble him and there is no need to do DNA test,” James Dube Mhango chipped in.

“Even the girl looks like the father. Start checking the nose,” Ovixlexla Bunya remarked.

Another commentator, Yona Chosen commented:

These kids look like him especially the boy. Come on Mr Ngwira, you have spent more than Madonna on these kids. Finish the race, don’t listen to the voice of the devil trying to destroy your lovely family. You are a blessing to these kids and a hero. I salute you man of God!!”

However, Winfred Kayange took a different persepective:

 I have taken time to comment because this is a difficult subject. Closely looking at this picture, you will realize that Mr and Mrs Ngwira somehow are alike. The major difference between the two is complexion. Mr Ngwira is dark and Mrs Ngwira is light. A child is a product of the father and mother (Genetics).

“A child has shared traits of a mother and father. Looking at the children in the picture, the two kids (order ones between Mr and Mrs) are really for Mrs Ngwira. Both the boy and the girl have taken after Mrs Ngwira especially the girl who is also light in complexion. The boy is also for Mrs Ngwira. Dark complexition for the boy can be attributed to Mr Ngwira but mere look cannot assert this since these two are somehow alike.

“Dark complexion is dominant over light complexion. Mr Ngwira can only father dark children unless if he is dark in heterozygous state. The third child in Mrs Ngwira’s hands does not have shared characteristics of either of the two. For this one the mother is known and I can say Mr Ngwira has clear case in this one. If we know the the mother, then this child has taken after the father who is not Mr Ngwira in this case. Mrs Ngwira has dominant genes.

“Mr Ngwira may have or may not have fathered the boy child. May have fathered because of black complexion. May not have fathered if Mrs Ngwira had an affair with another man dark in complexion but she dominated other characteristics. Mr Ngwira did not father the girl child (dark and light produces dark). I do not doubt DNA results. It can be possible.”

Some Malawians also believe they are fathering kids who are not their biological children and have requested government to consider subsidizing DNA test so they can find out the truth about their children to avoid being living with a lie.




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