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‘Exercise restraint even in the face of great provocation,’ Abida Mia advices MCP youths

Abida Mia to the Youths: Exercise restraint

BLANTYRE—‘It’s time to connect with people on the ground’ appears to be the working motto for the Mia family in as far as preparations for the 2019 watershed elections are concerned. As MCP Vice President Sidik Mia traveled to Lunzu to interact the party’s district governors yesterday—his wife Abida Mia was interacting with party youth leaders around Blantyre city.

The youth leaders who were drawn from such townships as Ndirande, Chimwankhunda, Bangwe and Nkolokosa filled the Mia’s Situation Room at their Cold Storage Offices in Blantyre.

Reports were made by the leaders on how the party is fairing in their respective areas. The strengths’ were identified and so were the weaknesses. Thereafter, suggestions on how to move forward were made.

MCP youths in Mia’s situation room

In her remarks, Abida Mia, who is now a darling of the youth for her continued association with them, advised the youth leaders to work as a team on the road to 2019.

Abida Mia stressed that the party wants disciplined youths and advised them to desist from violence, strongly warning that the party will not condone acts of violence from their youth wings.

“We want MCP youths to be associated with discipline and peace and not violence. Please exercise restraint even in the face of great provocation. If anything, we expect you to protect your party leaders wherever they have gone to conduct party meetings,” said the soft-spoken Abida Mia.

During the interface session, members talked on the need of protecting the vote in 2019. They requested Madam Mia to tell relevant authorities in the party to start identifying strong, loyal and smart monitors for the party and train them on how to do their job in 2019.

At the end of the session, the youths were given party materials—the party cloth as well as the party t-shirts.



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