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Enock Phale defeats flamboyant Jessie Kabwira as MCP torch Bearer for Salima North West

Salima North West MCP Torch Bearer for 2014 Polls Enock Phale (Standing)

Sitting Member of Parliament for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Salima North West Constituency Jesse Kabwira has boycotted the Primary elections held on Monday at Kanjuwi Primary School which enables her rival Enock Phale winning with 1024 votes.

Speaking in an interview after the polls Deputy Director of Public
Relations who was Team leader during the primaries Elia Kamphinda Banda says Enock Phale is now the torch bearer for the party for 2019 tripartite elections.

“Although Honorable Kabwira is accusing the party for ambushing her it is her constitution right to do so, however, we communicated to all contenders that the primaries for Salima North west should be conducted on 17th of this month,” he said.
Kamphinda Banda further added that MCP did not ambush any contender but followed all the procedures in conducting the primaries and the Team presiding over the elections took all the necessary steps and directives from the party headquarters to so.

According to Incumbent MP for the constituency Jesse Kabwira says she decided not to take part in the primaries because she was ambushed by her rival Enock Phale and feels the primaries will be illegitimate.

“I decided not to attend the polls because the primaries have been called by aspirant Enock Phale’s Campaign Director and Vice
Constituency Chair Samson Kennedy for among other reasons primaries in MCP are called by Director of Elections through the regional office,” she said.

Kabwira further said that the letter informing her about the dates and venue of the primaries was not given to her directly but rather through one of the councilors for the area.

She also attributed that Regional Chair and Directors for Lakeshore stated that there would be no primaries in her constituency following two failed elections in the area.
Kabwira said she was not informed properly and have not prepared for such unlawful primaries because the Regional Chair emphasized that he had spoken to Region and that there would be no primaries in Salima West.

During the primaries conducted in her absence, Kamphinda Banda said Kabwira got four votes whilst another contender Moses Buwa got two votes



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