MOTO representatives and Bwaila secondary school students

Rape, a four letter-word has left its victims traumatized and maimed since its invention claiming their mental and physical wellbeing throughout the spans of generations. We have seen it coupling up with other Gender-Based Violence and developing resistance to government and organization’s efforts combating it.

Men of tomorrow (MOTO) Malawi in partnership with Peace First, during this “16 day of activism against Gender-Based Violence” has come up with a different approach to put to halt the violence.

MOTO on November 28th, 2019 rolled out a project dubbed “Ending Gender-Based Violence through young men” at Bwaila secondary school in Lilongwe where over two hundred young men were in attendance.

This has come at a time when Gender-Based Violence cases are still on the increase and people are now losing trust in the current intervention to fight the surge in cases.

“Governments and organizations have channeled their resources empowering women and girls as a way of combating Gender-Based Violence while sidelining men who are supposedly perpetrators. How do you expect to end a problem when you are only clinging to secondary prevention measures without dealing with the root cause?” Henry Banda, MOTO national coordinator said while addressing the crowd.

Majority of people believe and know that Gender-Based Violence are perpetrated by men and yet interventions are ironically targeting the women.

Speaking during the event, Nalikule university MOTO chapter president Mr. Mathews Chifya likened the current interventions to a diseases model “The current method deployed against Gender-Based Violence is like giving anti-malarial drugs to every malaria victim without sorting out why they are getting infected frequently.”

MOTO has come to deliver primary intervention by raising a generation of responsible men who understand the evils of Gender-Based Violence, men who will condemn rape in its strongest terms, men who will understand the gravity of rape to them, their families and the victim.

Wrapping up the event Mr. Lanjesi, Nalikule Project coordinator and Mr. Yoyola delivered career guidance and intrapreneurship talk to the highly ambitious young minds.

“If we want to have zero cases of Gender-Based Violence then we need to groom our young men to understand the consequences of perpetrating Gender-Based Violence. Thank you, MOTO, for coming to teach our young men” Commented one of the teachers at Bwaila secondary school who attended the event.

The event was spiced up by mind-blowing performances by students at the institution which included rap battles, poetry among others.

“MOTO will not relent until we have zero incidence rates of Gender-Based Violence” said MOTO General secretary, Mackson Zephaniah on a telephone interview

This was preceded by radio interviews by Mr. Steven Mlangiza who is MOTO president and one of the founders of MOTO with Capital FM radio station speaking on the same project.


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