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DPP plan to kill wife to MCP heavy weight Sidik Mia exposed

Abida Mia: DPP wants to see her dead

BLANTYRE (Malawian Watchdog)—In a bid to cripple opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) southern region political heavyweight Sidik Mia, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), has hatched a plan to actually kill his dear wife Abida Mia by poisoning or by using any means possible, only Malawian Watchdog can reveal.

Abida Mia, who successfully chaired the dinner and dance fundraising committee for (MCP) recently, is considered by DPP gurus to be a silent but an influential figure behind the success of her husband. They think it would be in their best interest to eliminate her.

“They are closely following her. They know she is outside the country and they assigned a lady, whom they were in the same plane when she was leaving the country. She is on target and she must take care,” a sympathizer privy with the scheme told our credible source.

“If that fails, they want to find an opportunity to remove wheel nuts from her vehicle’s tyres so she can go in a similar manner their late Secretary General Kudontoni went,” said the source.

Our source advised that as a general precaution, MCP top officials should take the issues of security seriously as the ruling DPP is ready to go to any level to destabilize the party by ‘sorting out’ key party officials.




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