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DPP has blood in its hands & should not play holier-than-thou: killed 17 protesters in Mzuzu, Robert Chasowa, Njaunju

DPP a notorious party as they even brandishes pangas

When you ask DPP sympathizers about MCP, all they will tell you is history as if they are living museums. They will tell you how MCP killed this or that in 1980 or killed this and that in 1979, what these living museums won’t tell you is how Noel Masangwi with instructions from Bingu killed Robert Chasowa, or how DPP killed Issa Njauju just a few years ago. DPP won’t tell you how Bingu killed 17 innocent peaceful demonstrators. DPP has a short memory, they cant remember the atrocities that themselves committed but without shame stand on the podium to point fingers at MCP yet they also have blood all over.

Now, if what the DPP says about MCP is true, how should that affect me? I was born when MCP was not in power and I have no idea of the people who were allegedly murdered during Kamuzu rule. But I can easily recall the death of Njauju and Chasowa, I can also remember the killing of 17 demonstrators on July 20 and that is what matters to me.

MCP today has new faces, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was not MCP leader in 1980 or Mr. Mkaka was not around (as a leader) when MCP allegedly killed people, Mr. Sidik Mia wasn’t there and all the MCP NEC members were not there. This means our MCP is clean, even if it has a bad history, it doesn’t apply to the new crop of people running the party today. DPP has Nicholas Dausi who was cruel and a leader of notorious MYP. DPP has Hetherwick Ntaba who was also a notorious MCP leader, DPP has Henry Mussa, who was a cruel member of MCP. If DPP is concerned with MCP past, why are they keeping all these cruel and merciless fools in their party?

DPP should no waste time talking about MCP past, most Malawians don’t care about it, we don’t eat history ife. what we are looking forward to is a better Malawi without corruption and nepotism, a Malawi without blackouts and with enough jobs for everyone. Osati izi zomangolembana ntchito anthu aku Mulanje and Thyolo basi.



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