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DPP cadets worried chanco debate will spark political fire today: Pen Principal to block it





We, the Concerned Students of CHANCO Against Students’ Abuse By Politicians, express our deepest dismay and disgust over the return of a trend that time and again has led to disturbance of the academic order, discipline and calendar. Indeed, the return of the tendency by external political forces to turn the campus into their political battlefield, in so doing threatening the campus tranquility necessary for intellectual activity that varsity business is and timely completion of studies by students, is our sincere concern.

It was not long ago when similar external political interests delved into corridors of CHANCO & found puppet in the individual, Silvester Ayuba James, that was supposed to be a students’ leader, using him to exploit the case of fees increases, turning the campus into chaos leading into the indefinite closure of the college and obvious consequences.

We are privy to some intelligence revealing that PAC and MCP, through their agents that have infiltrated CAYP, have funded the 50+1 debate at CHANCO as one step towards mobilising the mighty Chirunga intelligentsia to restage their previously failed and frustrated demonstrations on 50+1 electoral reforms on their behalf. It is common knowledge that PAC and their political sympathisers feel betrayed that their promoted 50+1 Bill did not become law as to their preference – more so after they naively cancelled their planned national demonstrations on the same with the belief that having electoral bills tabled meant they would get results they prayed for. Naive indeed that the whole body of religious leaders, with a good reputation, failed to accept that parliament, as a dynamic political arena, is very unpredictable as to outcomes that may come from its deliberations.

We further wonder as to the relevance of debating the 50+1 electoral reform bill long after the same was debated before in parliament when the very political forces behind the debate at CHANCO pushed for their tabling in parliament. We believe that this debate was more appropriate then, before the 50+1 Bill was tabled in parliament. Reviving the issue this time around reveals desperate hidden intentions of the frustrated PAC.

We are also privileged to intelligence that the founder of the media house to cover the event, Gospel Kazako, currently studying at CHANCO, also personally and secretly contributed funds towards the support of the debate. This exposes his veiled personal interests. Hence, PAC, MCP and ZBS have opted not to be mentioned as funders for obvious disguised agenda. That is why the poster does not indicate the sources of funds behind this costly debate being aware that CAYP does not have money.

Ultimately, so unfortunate is the fact that now CHANCO is being blindly abused as a political pawn in pre-2019 political manoeuvres of those desperate to to get into government by any means necessary. CHANCO is being used to spark a battle that is not of its interest just to satisfy the political ego and the greed of the few money-pocketing students like Silvester Ayuba James disguised in the noble name of CAYP. It is in our knowledge that  it’s not everyone in CAYP that is in the know of the scheme of things. It is actually this one former students’ leader who has infiltrated CAYP and cleverly pushed the PAC and MCP agenda of destabilising CHANCO for political ends despite not even being in the students’ group’s executive committee.

We, thus, strongly urge CAYP Executive Committee to consider withdrawing its name from the political mess that one individual, in the name of Silvester Ayuba James, who single handedly brought the funds for 50+1 debate, has organized by taking CAYP and the Chirunga intelligentsia into his hands. It will serve the grouping from sad consequences that will potentially follow the debate planned for ill political end.

We also ask CHANCO students and the Chirunga intelligentsia community at large to take note of these developments so as to take charge over their destiny before the selfish souls behind the ego-inspired political experiments take the college to the chaotic state that serve the political interests of their funders. CHANCO must refuse to be used, and should remain vigilant and focused on its intents especially as we fast approach the 2019 General Elections as experience clearly shows that it is in times like these that college students are used by politicians to serve their narrow ends at the expense of peace, stability and tranquility that is necessary for attainment of academic excellence that CHANCO community deserve.

Finally, we sincerely notify the CHANCO administration, specifically the Principal that it is in our knowledge that the debate is a launching pad for trouble that would potentially see CHANCO closing due to the tension that will eminate from the 50+1 debate. We hence forthwith recommend that the Principal should take a preventive measure by preventing such potentially political explosive event from taking place at the campus, more especially involving politicians who tend to use every opportunity to use whatever events to score political mileage. Perhaps it is high time CHANCO administration scrutinized CAYP and its intents.

Yours Sincerely,



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