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‘Don’t bother address me with titles, my name is Lazarus Chakwera, your servant’: MCP convention

MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera leads by example, donates K1 million

LILONGWE—The newly re-elected MCP President and torchbearer in the 2019 elections Dr Lazarus Chakwera has advised Malawians and party delegates to stop addressing him with any title be it Professor, Doctor or any other title.

“I am your servant and address me as simply Lazarus Chakwera and I will not be offended,” said Chakwera in his acceptance speech as President of the party.

He noted that the educated people, those with such big titles as his are those who have ruined this nation and he said emphatically that he is the servant of the people hence no need for him to have any title.

“I am okay to be addressed as just Lazarus Chakwera,” said the soft-spoken leader of biggest opposition party in Malawi.

He observed that some people do come with advise telling him to jack-up and not lead the party as if it’s a church suggesting that he should entertain such things as dishonesty but he told the delegates that he will continue to hold his virtues of honesty and discipline saying that he will not entertain corruption of any sort.

He emphasized that should he form government next year that he will not entertain corruption as his agenda is to improve the lives of Malawians and make life better for all.

Meanwhile, the delegates at the convention are expected to vote for other remaining office bearers. Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officials are the ones presiding the elections.



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