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Disgruntled Salima Central aspiring MP Joshua Chiza Mbele must leave MCP alone and go hang himself

Chiza Mbele seducing late Bingu Wa Mutharika with a car

A confused Facebook character Joshua Chisa Mbele who stays in South Africa has been continuously attacking MCP from all angles, the reason being that MCP conducted early primary elections only in Salima Central Constituency where the party elected a torchbearer for the party in 2019 elections.

The disgruntled and confused Chiza Mbele has been accusing MCP and President Dr Lazarus Chakwera in particular of being corrupt claiming they sold shadow MP position for Salima Central Constituency.

From South Africa, perhaps via facebook, Chisa Mbele wanted to contest under MCP ticket in Salima Central Constituency.
But according to MCP officials, they say Chisa Mbele is just one confused fella who is just vocal for nothing—typical of one disloyal Jessie Kabwira.

“Salima Central Constituency has Felix Jumbe as its MP. Jumbe was elected under MCP ticket and we all know what happened with him, because of greedy for power, he started fighting MCP as an institution. We know he was sent by ruling DPP to destabilize MCP and he ended up joining DPP, vindicating our claims that he was a DPP plant,” narrated the official.

“Following this development, our MCP people had no leader in the constituency and DPP started poaching our supporters at will as there was no one to look after them.

“Noting this danger, the party decided to conduct early primary elections so we identify a shadow MP to represent the face of the party in the constituency in the wake of the party having no MP in the area.

“It was a matter of urgency to fill the vacuum that was created and then some people expressed interest to contest during that primary elections and a shadow MP was identified,” said the official.

“The guy who won stays in Salima and has been working with our people when MP Jumbe left. He is a man of the people.

Contrary, Chiza Mbele stays in South Africa, people on the ground do not know him. If anything, Mbele is known by few people on facebook. He wanted to contest while in South Africa, a guy who didn’t even come to express interest even at branch level of the party. The guy is a joke and confused fella who should be taken seriously at owners’ risk,” said the MCP official of Mbele.

He continued:
“This is a guy who formed his own family party, a briefcase party. The guy is a definition of a coward, he wants to romance who so ever has power. He bought vehicles for DPP’s Bingu Wa Mutharika simply to be picked on board but it failed. He tried to romance Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika, they found him wanting. He is a failed man.

“Mbele is like a chameleon, today, he will tell you that Peter Mutharika is the man, tomorrow you will hear him saying Mutharika is a fraud, the other day, Chakwera is the savior and the next hour, Chakwera is corrupt who should not even be given a chance to govern Malawi in 2019.

“Can you trust such a person with such poor judgment,” quarried the source adding Mbele must stop talking nonsense about MCP and Chakwera.

“If he says he is a politician, let him contest as Independent or on any other party’s ticket as for MCP, we already have a quality candidate and we will support him to the end”

“After all, if Mbele will be loved by the voters, they will vote for him and it is therefore nonsensical to be attacking MCP on such baseless grounds, let him go hang himself,” narrated the official on condition of strict anonymity



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