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Chanco, Chikanda and sexual immorality

The future of a Mature Student—Tchuwa—at Chancellor College in Zomba is hanging in limbo after he was pounded to a pulp for sexing a married a woman in Chikanda Township where most students stay.
This mature student, on upgrading programme, is married back home. To quench his libido since home is away, he decided to propose a married lady in the hood. The morally loose married woman accepted and it is believed that the Ttchuwa has been drilling the married woman each time her husband was away on field work.
As they, “la 40 limakwana,” and the 4oth day indeed dawned on the dawn of today. What happened was that the husband to the adulterous woman went to Mulanje on field trip leaving the wife and a daughter back home. Apparently, she is a new wife to the man as the mother to his daughter passed on some years back.
Now closer or immediately after midnight, the Tchuwa student, sneaked into the house of the married woman straight to the bedroom to enjoy the lady right on her husband’s matrimonial bed. The daughter thought her dad had come from Mulanje. However, sensing fishy business, she sent a message to her dad on whatsapp to confirm of his presence in the house. To her surprise, the dad said he was still in Mulanje.
It is at this point that the daughter let the cat out of the bag that there was a man who was mercilessly pounding his wife in the bedroom if the groans and screams she was hearing was anything to go by. It was at this point that the husband in Mulanje called a block leader informing him of the incident with instructions to quickly mobilise people to storm the house in order to verify the allegation.
The block leader did the needful and stormed the house demanding that they search her room. It was at this point that the promiscuous lady started heavily sweating exactly the way MEC Chief Executive Officer Sam Alfandika did in court when Lawyer Bright Theu confronted him to reveal how he and colleagues manipulated the election to favour ADADI.
One man forced his way into the bedroom only to find no one. He came back reporting that there was no person. Another thought quickly and entered the bedroom again, looked below the bed only to find the TCHUWA student who folded himself in the form of a heap resembling the 50 kg of the Chakwera Farm Inputs Programme.
He was told to respectfully come out of the bed only to be welcomed with heavy blows and considerable panel beating.
The block leader with other men took the Tchuwa and the promiscuous wife to Police where we hear he may be prosecuted of conduct likely to cause breach of peace, criminal trespass and conduct likely to corrupt morals of the society contrary to provisions in the penal code.
As they were taking the promiscuous couple to police station in Zomba, one single woman was overheard shouting lamentations, “I am single, you would have come to me, I would have given you satisfactory and even extra services that you would not even dare go back home during holiday’s; why go for a married person.”


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