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CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Synod abandons Msowoya in their move to support MCP: Leaked confidential memo

Nyondo" Synod's Secretary General engineering the support MCP move

Livingstonia CCAP synod secret mission with Malawi Congress : Synod mission update (confidential)


(1) “Preamble”

I must say on the onset that our trip to seeing Hon Richard Msowoya was a rare opportunity for the leadership of the Synod to discover his spirit, ambitions and dealings. We could not have known who we were dealing with if it were not for this audience. Our goal was to reason with Hon Msowoya if we could all hold hands, move with one accord and towards the same direction as we nurture our resolve to transform Malawi by placing MCP & Dr Lazarus Chakwera into leadership come 2019.

(2) “The Agenda”

It was tabled before him clearly that the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia wants to support MCP towards 2019 polls, but that we were disturbed to hear of some elements of disunity in the Party. Besides, we wanted him to tell us what he thinks causes the misunderstandings & what he thinks the Synod can do to mitigate the same. It was further put to him why he has been missing on some Presidential functions.

(3) “Accusations”

We were so saddened to be schooled on a wave of accusations he was leveling on Dr Lazarus Chakwera ranging from flouting the MCP constitution to hand-picking Hon Sidik Mia while alleging that he is being sidelined as 1st Vice President. The Synod delegation emphasized on having to resolve in-house matters amicably taking it from the President’s gesture of unity & reconciliation as evidenced & championed by the recent discussions involving the politburo & a follow-up Press Conference presided over by Dr Lazarus Chakwera himself in Lilongwe. He did not fully support our proposal for an urgent audience with both himself and Dr Lazarus Chakwera initiated by the Synod, saying such an “indaba” should be held much later for no apparent justification for the delay. We got so disappointed.

(4) “Underground Dealings”

It was so shocking to hear from him that at the moment, there is a “team” working underground to see how they can “clean up” the Party in terms of leadership. He mentioned that they are in talking terms with the VP, Saulos Klaus Chirima on this. The Synod delegation wondered why the team was working underground and whether that did not constitute having parallel structures in the Party? Besides, we wanted to know if he had ever shared those “cleaning ways” with his President to which he said NO because it was a secret move but not necessarily creating parallel structures. We were so disappointed.

(5) “Strange Meetings”

At one time he said he had called for a meeting involving Hon Goodal Gondwe, himself and Hon Harry Mkandawire at the former’s house in Mzuzu to talk about the northern agenda. In the course of their discussion, he laid all the MCP in-house problems bare before Hon Goodal Gondwe who he said also revealed all the problems in DPP to them. He then said he was shocked to hear of the speech Hon Harry Mkandawire made at a rally in Lilongwe when he supported MCP & Dr Chakwera in campaigning for Hon Sosten Gwengwe during the 17 October by-elections. The two (Goodal & himself) later met in a hotel in London where they got bitter with Hon Harry Mkandawire. The Synod delegation wondered with him where he got the trust or confidence to share all MCP secrets with a DPP personality and why work against the President? He only said they were talking of a northern region agenda. We were again so disturbed. We later, on our way back, commended Hon Harry Mkandawire so much for not having supported their agenda and having gone ahead to make a public speech against such sinister discussions & or plans. We felt that Hon Harry Mkandawire is both politically mature and respectful of the Party leadership.

(6) “Hunger For Office Of President”

We were not happy to hear from him that people are not looking at Dr Chakwera but they just want MCP to govern Malawi in place of the current regime. He pointed to the fact that even somebody from l any part of Malawi can take MCP to victory, further saying he would not hesitate to enter the race himself even though he is already well off with what he is as Speaker of Parliament and the benefits he will forever enjoy after leaving this office. The Synod delegation reasoned with him why he could choose to fight Chakwera now, the very one who vehemently supported him to assume the office of Speaker despite the resistance from other quarters. He did not give any satisfying response other than saying it would be his constitutional right. We were so disappointed indeed.

(7) “On PAC Demonstrations”

We learned from his confidential revelation (or accidental disclosure) that he played a pivotal role in stopping the PAC demos. He said he phoned the State President on one Friday asking him to send the Electoral Reforms Bills to his office by the following Monday so that he could work out something for the sitting of Parliament. We couldn’t believe our ears when he said he told Peter Mutharika that it was the Church grouping that “killed” his brother and failure on his (Peter’s) part to bring the bills was a pointer he was also going to be “killed” by the same faith grouping. Asked as to whether that was the best move considering that the end result was a NO vote to the bills in Parliament, he only said he was preventing the worst scenario, death of the State President & imminent chaos. We were so demoralized.

(8) “Missing Out On Presidential Functions”

When we wanted to find out why he didn’t appear at the Phwezi function, all he said was that he is too principled to be condoling people who deliberately stay put at a flood pathway instead of having to advise them to move out of the place completely and well before the rains come. We tried to reason with him on the essence of condoling someone or a group of people without having to dwell on how the death or calamity could have been averted, but he seemed to have stuck to his strange ideology. We were so disappointed.

(9) “Our Analysis As A Delegation”

We did not come back from there with any hope that he is ready enough to take our pieces of advice as Synod which included:-

(a) asking him to relinguish his leadership ambitions and support Chakwera even under the banner of democratic rights.

(b) avoid running parallel structures, meetings and plans in the Party.

(c) working as a team towards 2019 against a common deadly enemy.

(d) being thankful for what Dr Chakwera and the MCP did by giving him the honour of being Speaker and

(e) joining the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia in her pursuant of a national agenda, helpful to us and Malawi through Dr Lazarus Chakwera & winning the elections in 2019, among others.

We just resolved not to heed his agenda which will find no room in the Synod and in the north, let alone across the nation.

We further resolved to quickly engage or meet with Rt Hon Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera to chart a common way forward as soon as possible. The Gen Secretary will want to contact the President on the actual dates such an audience could be possibly held. Let MCP triumph because it is bigger than anyone of us.



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