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Brazil’s Bras Educacional University to use technology to offer higher education in Africa

Felipe Guimarães- Bras Educacional Chairperson

Bras Educacional, a leading and top rated education organization in Brazil which runs a total of ten universities says plans are in the pipeline to partner with institutions of higher learning in Africa in their quest to offer higher education to African students.

This is a similar approach which top universities in India use in Africa to reduce the ever-growing demand of higher learning education in Africa where they partner with institutions of higher learning to deliver their education programmes to students via satellite technology loosely referred to as e-learning.

Bras Educacional chairperson Felipe Guimarães, a youthful Brazilian and global citizen who believes in the power of education and the need to leave no one, especially the girl child behind, says it’s the resolve of his organization to attempt to contribute to the development of African countries by allowing as many young people as possible to access higher education.

“No child should be left behind and a girl child must be empowered to sustain her education until she graduates. We will partner with Universities in Africa where we will use technology to deliver our programmes to students,” said a determined and resolute Guimarães. The focused and charismatic chairperson drew inspiration and buttressed his point by quoting the African icon Nelson Mandela who once said that “it is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education. Those who do not believe this have small imaginations.

The organization said they will soon strike partnership deals with some institutions of higher learning in some selected countries in Africa to roll-out a pilot program before going full scale.



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