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Blantyre Synod speaks out on Rev. Billy Gama sexy picture with young girl

Reverend Billy Gama with a young girl

Recently, a picture of Blantyre Synod Reverend Dr Billy Gama who is not only the Chancellor of the Synod’s newly opened University but also one of the strategists of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  circulated on the social media where he was captured in compromising position with a young lady.

Dr Gama is married and his wife is in her 50s. He dispatched his DPP cadet boys to dismiss the picture as work of his enemies who actually photoshoped it to destroy his reputation.

However, the Synod has not bought the photoshop claim by its reverend but has since launched its own investigation to really find out the truth of the matter.

In a press release which Malawian Watchdog has seen, the Synod said they are following the issue with ‘keen interest and sadness.’

“The Synod is investigating the authenticity of the allegations levelled against Reverend Dr Billy Gama and will make its conclusions in line with its internal governance policy and procedure after this investigation is over,” reads the press release signed by the Synod’s moderator Reverend Mbolembole as well as the General Secretary of the Synod Reverend Maulana.

Blantyre Synod reverends have the strange tendency of character assassinating one another when stakes are high. For instance, during a recent Synod elections, the reverends launched propaganda in their worst form where they accused one another of committing serious mistakes like impregnating members of their church in their desperate bid of outclassing one another.

We will wait the Synod’s verdict to see if Gama really committed this abomination in the picture or indeed if it is the work of his enemies.



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