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Bizarre! Malawi man arrested for magically ‘raping’ woman in omnibus

Man nabbed for indecently assaulting woman
Unbelievable as it sounds but a Malawian man in the commercial capital Blantyre will have his day in court to answer a magical rape charge levelled against him.

The story reported by the daily, Nation Newspaper, has it that a man was traveling in a minibus in Limbe. He sat next to a woman. Then the woman starts dreaming of having sex. By the time she wakes up from the dream, there were sperms on her thigh.
Remember, this is in a minibus, a public transport with other passengers on board. The Police have since arrested the man and charged him with section 137 of the Penal code which states that any person who unlawfully and indecently assaults any woman or girl shall be guilty of a felony and be imprisoned for 14 years.
This is going to be a funny case in court. It’s a mixture of witchcraft that the court does not recognize and reality. If it is going to be proved that the sperms on the woman’s thigh belonged to the man, then indeed this is indecent assault.
But how can you have such indecent assault in a minibus? Who saw the man undressing and pouring his stuff on the woman? This is going to be one of the most bizarre cases in Malawi.


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