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Better days ahead as MCP Shadow MP Abida Mia shows love at Ngabu Hospital

Abida Mia at Ngabu Rural Hospital

The recent visit to Ngabu Rural Hospital by the MCP aspirant for Chikwawa Mkombedzi, Abida Sidik Mia has sent a wave of illuminating assurance to the people of the constituency, that their lost glory has now been retrieved.

Mia who is also wife to the MCP Vice President donated various food items including a cow and 10 bags of maize.

She also wrote smiles on the faces of guardians with a K400 thousand cash donation, in so doing, easing some desperation among those looking after sick in the current situation of economic hardship.

The most exciting moment during the visit was when she unpacked the tidings of her intention to reintroduce ambulance service through donating one any time sooner.

Said Mia whom adoringly many call ‘adona’: “Just like my husband used to do, I am humbly doing all this with love and passion for the people who have invested in me so much love and trust and I’m therefore committed and dutybound to do much more for them.”

Amid ululations and defeaning shouts of joyful anticipation, as it seemed, the news completely marked the beggining of the restoration of lost glory which the people of the constituency have been longing for.

Talking of the lost glory, way up until 2014, the former parliamentarian for the area, Muhammed Sidik Mia had a rare tradition of forming clouds in the sky that rained incessant developmental projects and among them, a robust ambulance service.

The coming in of the wife has thus rekindled the glorious memory, with so much nalstagia, that the place the people of Mkombedzi call home will be made the real home again.

Abida Mia had, a couple of weeks ago, postively responded to the unanimous calls by the people of Nkombedzi to contest as legislature for the area in the next year’s polls under the MCP brand.



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