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At long last, Abida Mia accepts to contest as MP as Jessie Kabwira boosts her

Abida Mia being helped by her aides to leave the jampacked rally venue

NGABU (CHIKWAWA)—Abida Mia, wife to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia, has, after a long time of consideration, positively responded to a request made by key stakeholders of Chikwawa Mkombezi Constituency to have her contest as a member of parliament (MP) in the forthcoming tripartite elections in May 2019.

Abida Mia announced her decision to a big crowd of people who waited with bated breath for a response from the motherly figure at Makande ground—Ngabu in Chikwawa where she conducted a rally on Sunday.

“After it became clear that Honorable Sidik Mia would not contest as MP in 2019, Chiefs and other key stakeholders started pushing me to contest as MP of our Constituency.

Abida Mia interacting with a Makande woman at the end of the rally

“Their endorsement was humbling but I wouldn’t respond to them right there and then. I told them to give me some time to ponder on the request and this is why I kept on telling you, during the many rallies I have conducted across the constituency, that I would come back to you at a later time to give you my final decision on the matter,” said Abida Mia before dishing out the good news to the people.

She proceeded:

The crowd of people attending Abida Mia rally at Makande ground, Ngabu in Chikwawa

“After much consideration, a decision has been made and I am pleased to let you know that I have accepted to contest as your Member of Parliament for this constituency,” said Abida Mia amidst a massive ululation and chanting from the crowd

She promised to buy Ambulance for the constituency and vowed that the constituency will be one of the best constituencies, in terms of development in the country once people vote her into power.

“Abida Mia is our mother. She is one of the finest kind people on earth and treat this as no exaggeration. She loves us all here regardless of the fact that some of us are poor, exposed or not exposed. She has been helping us for many years. When her husband was MP here, it was her who was running the affairs of the constituency as her husband was busy attending to his nationwide ministerial role(s).”

“So we know what a kind of person she is and we are glad that she has accepted to represent us in 2019. We can say without any equivocation that we have found gold in her in our constituency and I assure you that it will be a walkover for her in 2019,” collaborated a number of people this reporter interviewed at the end of the rally.

Nevertheless, what was striking during the rally was a surprise attendance of Parliamentary Chairperson of Women’s Caucus Jessie Kabwira. Taking her turn, Kabwira said had come all the way from Salima to support a fellow woman’s parliamentary bid.

Kabwira described Abida Mia as   a “servant” of the people—a capable and suitable person to lead the constituency in 2019.

The Kabaza guys known as Shapa guys in Chikwawa giving maximum support to Abids Mia

In an interview, Kabwira said had decided to boost Abida Mia’s ratings as there are few members of female parliamentarians and therefore that she is on a crusade to help as many women as possible to appear on the ballot in 2019 in different constituencies with a view that they would increase the number of women in Parliament.

She promised to bring her fellow women parliamentarians to come and make a case for Abida Mia at an appropriate time.

On her part, Abida Mia said was honored with the “surprise” visit by Kabwira.

Among other people, the rally was attended by Member of Parliament for Chikwawa South Constituency Hon. Eryas Karim and Southern Region Chairperson for the party, Peter Simbi.

Abida Mia is likely to go unopposed during MCP primary election as there is no one on the ground who has come to challenge her candidature. During the tripartite election in 2019, Abida Mia, is likely going to face the incumbent Member of Parliament for the constituency, Lawrence Malola, whom many constituents accuse as an under-performer.


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