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Abida Mia donates Ambulance and another vehicle for driving school purpose

Abida Mia addressing the crowd at Mchenga ground yesterday

Shadow Member of Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombedzi Constituency representing the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) during the 21st May 2019 tripartite elections, Abida Mia, over the weekend, donated an Ambulance and another small vehicle which she said would be used for driving school purposes.

The Ambulance donation was fulfilling a pledge she made during the time she first expressed her interest to run for office. Then, she noted that her constituents were experiencing problems due to a lack of an ambulance.

Abida Mia unveiled the ambulance almost in all the key places in the constituency over the weekend. On Saturday, she met chief’s spouses at Nsenjere and on Sunday, she visited two churches in the constituency, on invitation, to help in the construction projects the churches are undertaking. She donated five hundred thousand kwacha and three hundred and fifty thousand to the two churches.

Later in the afternoon, Abida Mia, treated people of Mchenga area to a football bonanza which saw Magalasi FC beating Shamboko FC and the winner received one hundred thousand kwacha and the second place team went home with seventy thousand kwacha.

Speaking before a mammoth crowd after the match, Abida Mia, told the constituents that she lives her words.

‘I told you that I would donate an Ambulance to ease transportation problems of patients and expectant mothers to the hospital and there it is for all of us to bear witness.

“In addition, that small branded vehicle you also see next to the ambulance over there is also for the constituency. We want to start a driving school so we can help open doors for opportunities for our young people. Those we will enroll, I will also help them obtain a driving license. The idea is that those young people who are simply loafing around should be empowered and be self-reliant,” she said.

The shadow MP also outlined a catalogue of development activities which she has put in place to help the youth in the area to get employment.

“I will also pilot different youth friendly development projects before 21st May, 2019: I will train young people to acquire basic skills in hospitality and catering, wielding, tailoring and carpentry. I will give them starter pack equipment’s to start their own businesses. Those who will need to be employed, I will start running an employment agency where I will be recommending them to companies or individuals seeking such human resource,” she added.

Abida therefore asked the people to vote for her and MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera during the tripartite elections and described Dr Chakwera as the only capable leader to develop the country.

“I urge you to vote for me as your parliamentarian and Dr Lazarus Chakwera as our president and with me and him in these positions, I promise that we will make our constituency great again!” Abida Said.

During the rally, the lady Mia was accompanied by political orator Elyias Karim, who is a Member of Parliament for Chikwawa South Constituency and MCP’s deputy women’s director Mai Kanyoni.



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