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Abida Mia champions reach out to flood victims’ initiative, appeals for donation

Abida Mia

Philanthropist Abida Mia has sent an appeal to all Malawians requesting them to help people who have been affected by floods in whatever way they can manage.

“You may possibly have watched and/or heard on both local as well as international media on how our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the floods are suffering. It’s devastating. As for me, I have firsthand information for I am on the ground. It’s heartbreaking!” said Abida who hails from the shire valley, the worst hit area.

She proceeded.

“Against this background, we are appealing to you, through this initiative, to help the flood victims. We are requesting you to donate whatever you can manage, be it clothes (trouser, shirt, blouse, skirt, etc), bed sheets, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, groceries, etc.”

How to donate:

According to the statement which they have released , the arrangement is for those who are in Blantyre and surrounding districts to go to Lotus hotel in Namiwawa this Saturday from 10:am to 3:pm to drop in the said items or even to donate cash.

“For more details and for those from distant places who are willing to donate, they should contact us on the following numbers for logistics.

~ 0888 698 303

~ 0999 784 558

~ 0995 679 497” reads the statement.

In urging the people to make the donation, Abida said everyone is encouraged to make a donation, however small it may be

 “Let’s all do something to alleviate the suffering of our people affected by floods,” she concluded.

The statistics and assessment by the authorities’ show that over hundreds of people have been affected by the floods, their properties have been destroyed and they are living in camps.


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