Top US university confers honorary degree on Prophet Bushiri

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Major one

Major one

Therapon University in the US has conferred an honorary degree on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

 With the accolade, the youthful but billionaire Man of God has become one of the most celebrated preachers in the world.

According to the university, Prophet Bushiri is a remarkable Man of God whose teachings and ministry is leaving indellible impact on millions across the world.

The world acclaimed and heavenly ordained celebrity preacher could not hide his joy and happiness on the accollade.

“It is always a special day when one is recognised as this, more so with a Doctorate degree. A PhD is extremely invaluable, and priceless, hence few people ever achieve that feat in life. But I must state that, I value my prophetic calling more than any degree, or qualification on earth,” he said.

However, the Prophet underlined that qualification of prophecy, and the prophetic is the highest calling on earth.

“It is the single most valuable name and office that any man can hold. Think of Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha and all the many great prophets of God. There is no paper that can match this on earth,” he added.

“Doctor or not, I have made it in life because of God, and through God. To be ordained by God, is much greater than to be ordained by a sitting.
Currently, Prophet Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, is studying towards a degree in Endocrinology in the USA. He is also concurrently pursuing another degree in Human Resources at a University in South Africa. He is expected to graduate from both institutions within two years.

The preacher has a soft spot for education. He owns a University in South Africa, which heavily subsidises education, to try and uplift disadvantaged people attain educational qualifications. His foundation, currently funds education for over 2,000 students all over the world, to the cost of nearly half a million United States Dollars.

“I have a passion for education. I think education is a huge key to unlocking potential, leveraging development, and building human capital. Empowerment only comes with emancipation and enlightenment, and education plays such a key and fundamental role in that”, the prophet stated, when posed with questions about his amazing resume and the amount of investment in education.

“We can make a difference through education. I pursue so many qualifications not for glory, but for inspiration. My desire is to inspire generations. And i want young people to see, from my example that, I walk the talk. That I listen to my own advice. I may be a prophet, I may be a billionaire, a businessman, but I still dedicate immense effort to enriching the mind.”

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz after the news was revealed. Within minutes, pictures of the graduation ceremony had been shared by thousands and thousands of people, and off shares in the hundreds of thousands, as millions on the social network were clearly inspired by such a groundbreaking development.

Therapon University is an institute of Online Learning to the Body of Christ, its primary vision being to equip born again believers for ministry. It is the goal of Therapon University to provide Bible courses that will enable and enrich ministry efforts, and to assist qualified persons in earning formal educational recognition equal to their combined academic and life experience achievements, as well as demonstrated competence shown in their professional lives.


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