Political revolution in Malawi must begin with you and me

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Demonstrators in 2011

Demonstrators in 2011

Every change begins with ordinary people and commoners, our biggest mistake is to undermine ourselves and choose those with great names and money to lead our revolution.

This is why so many African states and the greater part of the world is led by corrupt leaders and thieves.Why do we fail to take up the reigns at state house when we can manage to steer a revolution?

In Malawi we have ourselves to blame for we believe we can fearlessly voice out to the extent of being detained and revolution fever rises but when it comes to leadership we need to choose others to do the inevitable?

What is tough and harder is to steer a mentality of a revolution than being at state house where the presidency is an institution not one man.Malawians are activists by birth, we are patriots by nature where we fail and make a mistake is the belief of going to hunt for someone who is happily enjoying life at his home to come and lead us. This is our biggest tragedy.

The late heroes in the likes of Henry Masauko Chipembere, Orton Ching’oli Chirwa, William Kanyama Chiume, Augustine Bwanausi, Willie Chokani, Yatuta and Dunduzu Chisiza made the same mistake.

After igniting the fire of a revolution in the 1940s to 1950s against white minority regime of Roy Wellesky they went to as far as UK and Ghana to hunt for a person who was enjoying his lifetime in his medical practise Hastings Kamuzu Banda to come and lead them towards the end of the revolution which was independence.

What happened eventually must be a lesson to the youth of today. The true freedom fighters were expelled some got killed and the rest were forced into exile.

Without learning a lesson a young Brown Mpinganjira and many youth assisted by the likes of Chakufwa Thomas Chihana started multiparty revolution very well but betrayed the entire effort when they undermined themselves to go and hunt for Eleson Bakili Muluzi the guy who was enjoying the economic quota system of Kamuzu Banda by then selling sugar to the rest of the country.

What happened in the end, the whole dream of a revolution was betrayed. Bakili Muluzi took the country his own way against the dreams of the original mentors.

As these were not enough lessons to learn from, the very Muluzi went outside the way to hook or let me say fish an outsider who “on his own” could not win a single vote and brought him on the throne.

Today we are dancing witnesses of the mistake.Bingu Wa Mutharika went as far as America to exhume a brother who in his life had no idea or dream about this country, someone who had forgotten there is a country called Malawi to come and lead the country.Consequences of this nonsense are felt, touched, smelt and visible in our country today.

The problem is Malawians have not yet established or realised this mistake.Peter Mutharika and Malawi as a country are too far apart, he does not know what Malawi as a country needs, he don’t even know what citizens of the country want.

He do not know what he can do for them either.He is just a president by default not by design; this is our tragedy number two.If we fail to elect or choose a leader amongst ourselves “the people that are leading this revolution” we must forget ever seeing or making our country a prosperous and successful nation.

We need to know, what we are fighting for now is far much different from what is in the minds of the Mutharikas, the Chakweras and all that are aspiring for high office of our country.

This is why the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day in the universe because you and I will fight for equal distribution of resources, for equitable lifestyle, for poverty free nation, for corrupt free nation and they will come to ride on our backs as if we are together once we help them get there they turn and look the other side.

Examples are listless, Peter Mutharika is building a mansion along Choda past Chisombezi road, Bingu has his in Nansadi, Muluzi has his in BCA.Kamuzu has countless investments in Malawi, South Africa and UK not mentioning the country house Ngulu ya Nawambe in Kasungu.Worst of Peter Mutharika he is the umbrella chief of corruption.

When you and me together with ordinary Eric Aniva are caught with any simple crime Peter Mutharika has the power to instruct police to arrest us, courts will be dumbfounded not to prosecute us because the Chief at state house is the signer of my docket but when George Chaponda is caught with millions of cash in his house contravening Financial intelligent and banks act president Peter Mutharika has no power to arrest him because he do not want to interfere with police and ACB matters.

While traditional issues does not require political constitution to dictate Peter Mutharika interferes. Where political power is needed to stop and root out corruption Peter Mutharika hide himself on the roof of deception.

This is the result of citizens failure to start a revolution and complete the process.I submit to you all who are on the path of a revolution for a better Malawi not to faulter or waiver. Do not hand over the fight to who else on the last blow.

We started it we need to complete so that our dream of a better Malawi can be realized and be enjoyed by all.

The genesis of a revolution does not end in the hands of revelation, if it is to be meaningful it must end up in the hands of the genesis.

Junior officer Muamar Gaddafi started and hatched the revolution and completed it, “dry and deserted Libya became the richest country.”Fidero Castro hatched and completed it; no country in the world can produce best medical doctors more than Cuba.

Hugo Chavez hatched a Bolivarian revolution Venezuela became the richest socialist state in south America.Next door John Pombe Magufuli is on an exodus of pruning dry and unproductive branches of the tree of Chama Cha Mapinduzi in Tanzania.

The list can go on and on. The bottomline is “embarked change” cannot be driven by people outside the revolution.

The rebirth, the renaissance, the new beginning of a New Malawi cannot and will not be started with the people that have tasted and felt the sweetness of corruption.

It can and it must be started and completed with people who are the incubators of the revolution.Fellow youth!

Fellow revolutionaries! I am not the wisest but I believe I have started steering our nation into the direction of hope.

Those of you who consent and agree to the principles of a revolution take a leaf and pass it on.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian SAVE MALAWI FOUNDATION  [SAMAFO]the future of Malawi lies in the hands of all citizens particularly the ordinary poor. Nthawi yanu ndi ino.

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